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New leap, new dream. -Report of JinWei Group’s 2017 new year

Time flies as arrow, year cycles as shuttle. Busy 2016 passed in a twinkling of an eye, 2017 is coming to us with full of expectation.
New hope in new year, JinWei Group held 2017 new year annual meeting-‘New leap, new dream’ on Jan 19th. Youth partners from different branches of the group took their families, get together in Sheraton Hotel. Accompanied by different forms of brilliant performances on the stage, they shared the last year’s work achievement and life experience with each other.
There is also commendation of the best team and Jinwei star staffs during the dinner, which pushed the meeting to a climax. Partners got award and applause of all the colleagues through their hard work of the past year.
We had laugh, tears, failure and harvest in the past year. Face to 2017, JinWei’s persons Know there is full of challenge, still keep hopes and move forward bravely.